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Mod Post: Basic Rules and Request

First of all, I am just thrilled that we have fourteen members less than 24 hours after this community was created. I hope we can all work together to educate and inform the public, especially in those areas where progressive values and tolerance aren't exactly at the top of the list.
Just a few basic rules to get us going:

  1. Any member can post information to this community. I have removed the moderation function on new posts and will keep it off unless it becomes an issue.
  2. Posts should be on topic and informative. Yes, personal anecdotes are acceptable, but the main thrust of this community should be education and information about topics of interest to the GLBT community.
  3. Please double-check links before posting.
  4. Obviously, no flames, trolling, or personal attacks will be allowed. Conversation may become heated, but obvious abuses will lead to removal from the community. I ask that everybody think before they comment, and use your best judgement.
  5. Religion is a very hot topic, especially in our community. People of all faiths are welcome here; "faith-based" homophobia or baiting is not. Religion wars are just not part of our plan, so please try to remain tolerant and open-minded. If you think it will offend people, keep it to yourself.
  6. Icons, graphics, artwork, fiction, etc. are welcome here. Please post large image items behind an LJ cut and spoiler warnings on anything with adult or graphic content. Do not post NC-17 items to this list; however, links to such items (with appropriate spoiler warnings) are ok.

And on that note, I have a request. This community uses a generic LJ style which I rather like. But if anyone in the community would like to create a style, banners, or icons to help promote red2rainbow, I would be eternally grateful.
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