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red2rainbow's Journal

From Red State to Rainbow State
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Bringing the Rainbow to the Heart of Red Country
I've lived in three US states in my life--all "Red" states. As a left-leaning, monogomous lesbian, I've found it difficult to connect to the people around me--many of whom find my life sinful and disgusting.

I decided that I have two choices. I can just keep my mouth shut and allow homophobia and ignorance to prevail, or I can become part of the solution.

This community is part of my efforts to create a space on LiveJournal where information regarding gay issues can be shared, stories told, and inspiration given. I live my life in the open, here in the Red state of Kentucky, and choose to try to change things one friend at a time.

I'd be thrilled if members posted anecdotes, links to news articles, resources, and activities, and support here. This is a modest effort to stay the homophobia running amuk in the US and abroad, and I really hope you can join me in my quest to turn Red to Rainbow in our lifetime.

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